Choosing Health Insurance Wisely

Health insurance is one type of insurance products that specifically guarantee health care or treatment of insurance member if they experience illness or accident. Health insurance products are held both by social insurance companies, life insurance companies, general insurance companies, and the Government. Some health insurance companies also have marketed health insurance programs with a wide range of variants. Nowadays, the cost of healthcare is becoming increasingly expensive. The cost of doctors, medicines, and hospitalization costs must be paid if you or some of your family members are stricken with the disease and illnesses. Be thankful if you are currently working in a company that already has health insurance program so you can minimize risks when experiencing pain helped by health insurance program.

If you do not currently follow the health insurance program, do not hesitate and be prepared to buy a health insurance plan. It is because disease knows no age though logically prone to diseases of old age, but the premium paid depends on your age. Increasing age of the premium paid will be more expensive and worse. If you are already experiencing a critical illness, it will be difficult to follow or receive health insurance program. Judging from the kind of health insurance in our country, it consists of a collective health insurance and individual health insurance. Individual insurance is specifically designed for individuals or families. The collective insurance is for companies to provide health insurance to their employees. The burden of individual insurance premiums is more expensive compared to the collective health insurance. Why is that? It is because the number of individuals or participants in collective insurance is more so if there is the risk, the claim can be shared equally by all individuals in the group.

Insurance helps all needs doctor’s fees, medicines, hospitalization, up to surgery. Generally the type of treatment or programs available are the benefits of outpatient, hospitalization benefits (Inpatient), labor benefits, and dental benefits. Benefits of hospitalization can be enjoyed by the participants of the health insurance that cover hospital fees, lab fees, delivery fees, and emergency service. The dental benefits are basic dental care, complex dental care, and the installation of dentures. Benefits of ambulatory include cost of consulting a doctor or specialist, using prescription drugs, the cost of preventive measures, and the cost of assistive devices recommended by a physician. There is a maximum limit of using fund annually in outpatient benefits.

Benefits mentioned above are additional option that we can take from the basic program such as hospitalization benefits. We cannot just take advantage of one of these additional options without following the basic program called hospitalization benefits. The value of premiums to be paid and the value in health insurance coverage depend on the program that you choose. Various insurance companies have this kind of program and premiums with the different coverage benefit. The length of time depends on the release of funds claim the services provided, but generally range between seven working days. For the system provider we do not need to spend money upfront. You just simply show a membership card of health insurance for health services needed in a hospital or clinic that we agreed upon earlier according to a list of hospitals or clinics that have cooperated with the insurance company.

If we look at the moment, there are so many insurance companies. You need to choose with a wise strategy. Choose an insurance company that has a track record that can be trusted with the excellence product and service. Good insurance companies usually have many branches and you can view the news via the media or internet. Observe and compare benefits and premiums paid. It is recommended to choose a product that suits your needs and abilities. Learn in advance what kind of service they offer and what benefits that you can get. Read the entire articles in detail because usually they often include terms that are less obvious or having bias meaning. Choose the insurance that is based on the economic value of a replacement in case you later need costs for treatment and not as seen from the value of the premiums. Follow the collective health insurance program. It is because the burden of the premium paid will be cheaper for you and the other people. However, if your company does not provide health insurance coverage, you can also invite your close friends to join the program.

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