Health Insurance Premium

The reason for people for not being interested in any insurance is because of its premium. It seems like a heavy thing when they have to pay something that they uncertain to use for the longer period of payment. It happens on government insurance like Medicare and others. However, if you choose the private health insurance, it would be a different case because although you should pay higher than what government offers, you still can take what you have paid later. However, in some countries like European, it is free without the need to decrease your salary per month or per year although you will get the basic facilities when you are hospitalized. If it is not free, you will pay it regularly from your salary. It is same as when you get any insurance from your company. You also will pay it from your salary.

However, how is the procedure to get the premium amount? Each person has the different premium amount. The Actuarial will calculate about it. You should fill the form first before you apply for the health insurance and your agent will guide you. More reasons behind the health insurance are to make sure you stay healthy so that you can give the great life value for your country and your generation. What offer by the government is different from what offer from the private insurance company. You do not need to fill any complicated form and you can choose your own class and facilities level. You also can choose your own premium, but it is not worked for company’s health insurance because your company usually will decide based on company’s agreement about your health insurance level and premium.

The insurance premium will be different from the person who already had hospitalized history and not. Even if you choose the government health insurance, you still have the limit of hospitalized. You also will have penalties of you late to pay your premium, especially if you already use it for hospitalized. However, each country has its own wise and right. It is better to check your country authority too. You have to notice about the facilities you can get, especially if you pay more for the private health insurance. Is it suitable to what you have to pay? Sure, if you choose the private one, you can read everything in the policy. However, if you join the government one, you will not get any policy. You just get a card. If you want to register the baby, children, and elderly, it is simpler by using the private health insurance than government one related to the administration. Since the insurance company is also looking for profits and clients, their agents will help you a lot to manage you and your family need, even if the baby is still in the belly.

Reback again to the calculation of your premium if you choose the private insurance. If you are healthy enough and in productive age, you do not need to choose the complicated medical facilities like regularly screening VVIP rooms, money fund for the family, doctors regularly checkup, and best brand medicine. You only need to pay what you need to pay like if you love to travel during your work, you can add the travel insurance and international hospital accepted. It is good if your insurance can cover any vehicles accident and burn. You also can choose your grave compensation on your private health insurance. It would be a different story on government health insurance which means you will not get any compensation if you die.

Is it meaning the premium for children and babies is lower? It depends on the possibility risk. You can get the higher premium too even if you are in the productive age range if you are a smoker and drinker. You also have a bad live habit with the high risk of disease from your working environment. You cannot stick to the common people or the theory behind the Actuarial calculation. Everything also depends on your die compensation. If you want to get the higher compensation for your family, you should pay more. Every health insurance whether it is from the government or private has the ‘help together’ concept.

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